I want to apologize in advance for the self centered posts that I will post this week.  I don’t want to be a person that talks about themself all the time, but this week I have to.  It’s promo week.  I am traveling to the big city (NYC) to promote all things Hoarders. The new Season of Hoarders starts June 20th and  my book, The Secret Lives of Hoarders came out last week (I know, brand new information to you guys).

This week I will be on Good Morning America on Tuesday in the 8am hour. Then I’ll quickly travel across town to do radio interviews all day at Sirius/XM.  I’m very excited that I will be in studio with one of my favorite shows “Opie & Anthony.”  Wednesday has a lot of the same.

I am accepting that every once in a while, it’s ok to be proud. Since it’s mother’s day and my mom has not figured out facebook yet, I’ll chalk this up to helping my mother brag about her son.  So, please stick with me this week and I promise I’ll get back to good hoarding stories next week.

As you might be figuring out, in my life, I tend to put emphasis on experiences.  I feel that if you just let things happen, you never know what you will learn at the end of the experience.  Often I find myself naturally stopping an experience before it even happens.  As I get older, I try to trust in life and know that letting the experience happen will bring great reward.

So this weekend, my co-writer (Phaedra Hise) and myself threw a book launch party.  The picture above shows Phaedra and I signing our new book. We drank some wine, told some stories and signed a couple of books with friends and family.  Phaedra and I have both had a roller coaster last 10 years and it was a life celebration for both of us.  The night was great, but the one thing I kept thinking about was this guy. I don’t know his name, so we’ll just call him Chauncey.

It was supposed to be a private party, but the local paper listed it in the morning paper. We had the party at my mechanic’s garage (Paradise Garage, for you folks in Richmond, VA), and when I got there, Chauncey was sitting at the door.  I assumed my mechanic had hired Chauncey as a bouncer, but when I asked Chauncey if he was the bouncer, he replied “Nope, just saw it in the paper and I thought I would come down.”  AWESOME.  I can’t tell you how much I travel the country and sit in my hotel room. I see interesting things listed in the paper and people tell me about great restaurants, but I never go.  This dude went. I never go because I don’t want to be seen alone or maybe I’m just too lazy. Sometimes I just watch TV and I pass up on what could be an amazing  experience. I’m not saying our book signing party was a life altering experience, but who cares. Chauncey was there. He’s probably been to a lot of cool things, simply because he was present. I like Chancey. He doesn’t live by the same mental road blocks that I live by.  The dude just came to the party, had some beer, talked to some folks and left. I wish I were Chauncey. I wish I was that cool.

So this week, please accept my apologies in advance. I’m not trying to brag or to get all the attention in the world. I’m simply trying to sell my book and experience some really cool stuff. I’m going to try to be a little Chauncey.

Have you ever gone alone on a really cool trip or had the confidence to just do something great by yourself?