You may or may not know, but I’ve been working with A&E to create my own show for a while now.  The time has finally come and A&E is airing my new pilot on this Saturday, June 18th at 1pm EST.

The new show is called Dirty Money and I need you to DVR it or watch it at 1pm on Saturday, June 18th.  It’s a perfect warm up for the Hoarders premier on Monday, June 20th.

I am still going to be on Hoarders and I am stoked to have this opportunity to possibly get my own show on A&E at a later date. If the show does well on Saturday, it may get picked up by A&E as a regular series.

Let me repeat, my status on Hoarders will NOT change and I will continue to help Hoarders for a very long time. Dirty Money follows the less serious side of me, my business and my non-hoarding clients.

This is a very exciting opportunity and I seriously need everyone of my fans, friends and family plus their friends and family to post about this show.  I am strait up begging you to re-post this information on your facebook, blogs and twitter.

The more people that DVR or watch the show, the better chance I have at getting a series.

So PLEASE set your DVR’s, tell your friends, post about it online and let A&E know that you like my new show, Dirty Money.

Thank you all in advance for your support.

Dirty Money will air on Saturday, June 18th at 1pm EST.

Brief summary of the show:

Matt Paxton and his team of loveable misfits at Clutter Cleaner are the kind of guys who will tackle any clean up, no matter how extreme. Whether the township sees your 4-acre car collection as more junkyard than museum, a storm has ripped the roof off your house and soaked everything inside, or you inherit 80 years of your parent’s belongings–Matt will clean it all up. And he’ll do it all for free. But there’s a catch. He only gets paid if he finds enough valuable goods to sell for cash. Follow Matt and the guys on an unbelievable mission that ends not only with the reveal of a cleaned up space, but a tally of how much Matt was able to make on his finds and whether or not his gamble paid off.