Summer is officially over and it’s time for me to get back to work. Sorry I’ve been MIA for the past few months, but I’ve been filming episodes of HOARDERS and promoting my new book, The Secret Lives of Hoarders. Thanks to you guys, for making my book a success!

Many readers have been asking to see the links of all the cool publicity we got over the summer, so here they are. I’ll be getting back to writing this fall and as always, I hope you guys will interact and respond.  Although this post is a summary of recent publicity, I really want it to be a kick start for us to get back to talking, writing and changing. These highlights are in no particular order.

The View

That’s right, I’m on a show with Vanessa Williams (so gorgeous) and “Weird Al” Yankovic (not as good looking). It was an incredible opportunity to talk about The Secret Lives of Hoarders, but it was also just really cool to meet Whoopi Goldberg. My dad was a huge fan and it meant a lot to me to be able to share with Whoopi. Turns out you can speak to four women at one time. The full video is available here. If you want to go directly to my segment, click the 4th button or go to the 26:25 mark.

Good Morning America

This was my first time on LIVE television and I think it showed. I was scared to death! Thank god my wife was there to calm me down. Very cool to be interviewed by George Stephanopoulos. This interview launched the book and we got a TON of exposure. Thanks ABC. Click here to see the segment.

Quick story: They picked my wife and I up in limousine to drive us over to the studio. When we arrived, we saw 5 paparazzi outside ready with their cameras.  When I got out of the limo, they all lowered their cameras and we heard a collective loud sigh of disappointment. Apparently, Chaz Bono arrived 10 minutes later.  Welcome to the big leagues, Matt.

Washington Post

If you had told me two years ago that I would be reviewed by Pulitzer Prize winner Michael Dirda, I would have laughed in your face.  To get straight to the point, it was an absolute honor to have him review my book and even more of honor to know how many people were helped because of his exposure.  A big thanks to the Washington Post for selecting The Secret Lives of Hoarders. My dad must be rolling over in his grave.  Check out the full review here.


Yup, I’m in Playboy. The guy said it would be tasteful and quite honestly, I needed the money. No Mike Honcho in this one. Actually, it’s an interesting article about my friend Randy from RANDYLAND and other people that have been on reality tv. If you’ve seen the RANDYLAND episode of HOARDERS, this is a detailed account of what happened. Side note, Randy and I are good friends now and still talk.

I think for the first time in my life, I actually read Playboy for the article!  Check out the full article here.

Radio & Other Media

There have been a bunch of other features, including my life long dream of appearing on Opie & Anthony radio on Sirius. I also had an awesome time with the guys at The Morning Jolt on Out Radio. There was also an indepth article on and a cool mention on


So after putting this all together, I realized I’m talking about my deceased father quite a bit.  Well, it’s kind of hard not to talk about one of your parents when your life changes for the positive without that loved one ever seeing you “do good.”  My father died before he got to see me fall in love, become a father, appear on TV, write a book or help people.  When my dad died, I was beginning to recover from a gambling addiction and I drank too much.  I do believe that my father sees me now and is relishing in all of my recent success. That being said, it doesn’t change that he isn’t here to share it with me on a daily basis.  I sometimes wonder would any of this happened if he hadn’t died?  I believe that his passing motivated me to get my life back on track. Without that bad, I would not have the good I have today.

So, this is where you guys get to participate.  I want you to tell me the one person in your life that you wish was still around to see you NOW. Tell us who they are, what they did to make a difference in your life and LIST the things you are proud of that you’ve accomplished.

I’m serious on this one, don’t just write that you are sorry for my loss, I’m totally fine with it. I want you to dig deeper and tell me who you miss and what they are missing.  My list above may be flashy, but we are all bad asses. Don’t just read this post, please participate. Make sure you respond and let us know why you are a bad ass and who is missing it.