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Let me stress, this is not for everyone. It’s crass, rude, funny and hopefully entertaining and informative. It’s been described as gross and inspirational, which is our goal. My Clutter Cleaner partner in crime, Cabell Hatchett, and myself talk about how we ended up cleaning hoarded homes and about the interesting things we encounter on the road.  Sometimes we’ll be joined by guests and hope that you’ll send in suggestions for topics and guests. We need your help, please send in your requests.

Theme Song Contest:

You’ll notice each week that we have a new theme song created by a listener. It doesn’t matter if you are musical or not, please forward a link to your theme song recorded on soundcloud.com to matt@5decisionsaway.com. Winning songs will be played on the weekly podcast, you’ll receive a Clutter Cleaner Road Crew t-shirt and you’ll be invited on the podcast at some point in 2012. The only rules to the contest are that the song must be 10 to 15 seconds long and it must include the words “Matt Paxton” & “poop.”

We’ll update the podcast every Thursday.

Thanks for listening.

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Podcast No. 82 – Joy (12/19/2013):

NEW EPISODE. Matt and Cabell are back in the studio catching you up on all thing Clutter Cleaner. The boys share a few stories and laughs.  Enjoy.

Podcast No. 81 – Explanation (10/23/2013):

Matt and Cabell are on the road and catch you up on their world.

Podcast No. 80 – Everything At Once (09/05/2013):

Matt is back with his good friend Amy for an unexpectedly interesting topic. Get out your tissues.

Podcast No. 79 – FGB (08/09/2013):

Matt & Cabell are back in the steamer. Talking George Bush, a new hoarding job and Matt has a few big announcements. Glad to be back!

Podcast No. 78 – On The Road… (07/12/2013):

This multi part episode follows Matt and Cabell as they drive to 1,600 miles to try and land a big piece of business. They record in the car as they are driving, so the sound quality isn’t amazing, but it’s fine. They share their stories and favorite travel songs along the way. This is a fun one.

No. 77 – And Then Something Happens… (07/03/2013):

Matt and Cabell are in the steamer telling 4th of July stories and they relive one of Matt’s finer moments. Enjoy.

Podcast No. 76 – Who’s Your Daddy? (06/20/2013):

Shocking!  Matt and Cabell are a few days late.  Glad to be back in the studio and catching up on some recent jobs, fathers day and just general bs-ing.  Enjoy.

Podcast No. 75 – Below Zero (06/06/2013):

This is a super sized episode of 5DA.  Matt talks about his grandparents and the Oklahoma storms. It’s long, but a good one.

Podcast No. 74 – Dirty Witch (06/01/2013):

Matt and Cabell make up for the “live show” and talk about their latest hoard, rollin thunder and cabell drops some tunes.

Podcast No. 73 – Bubblegum (05/15/2013):

The boys talk about mother’s day, matt’s love of trains and Cabell’s hair. Enjoy.

Podcast No. 72 – Let It Go (05/10/2013):

Matt & Cabell catch up late night and discuss some new hoards, read listener letters and swap old college stories. Good times.

Podcast No. 71 – Call Me Sally (05/01/2013):

Cabell and Matt catch up on the week, talk about some extreme hoards and the most fascinating interview Matt’s ever done.

Podcast No. 70 – Must Be (04/22/2013):

Matt and Cabell are back in the office talking about Matt’s first time on HSN, the Boston Marathon and Matt’s Uncle John.

Podcast No. 69 – Uben (04/11/2013):

Yup, the boys made it to episode 69. This one is very refined and dignified. Enjoy.

Podcast No. 68 – HCF (04/3/2013):

Cabell & Matt are just chilling in the steamer talking about their latest job catching 80 cats in 1 day. Good times…good times.

Podcast No. 67- The Rock (03/14/2013):

Matt & Cabell get caught up trips to LA and Chicago and we have our first official “Cabell’s Corner.”

Podcast No. 66- Super (03/07/2013):

Cabell & Matt are joined in studio by one of their faithful listeners. Mr. Mangione shares his life story and plays a few live songs for us. This is a good one.  Enjoy.




Podcast No. 65- Super (02/27/2013):

Matt & Cabell catch up on moving pianos and going to the circus. Taking a break from the serious and having some fun.

Podcast No. 64- Friends With A Stripper (02/20/2013):

A few days late – here is the 5DA Valentine episode. Matt is visited by 2 friends that describe their fascinating journey through love…Paxton style. ENJOY.

Podcast No. 63- Free (02/13/2013):

The boys are back home after a LONG week in Arizona. Ronnie joins the podcast to talk about traveling for the first time in 25 years and the boys discuss a new line of business.

Podcast No. 62- To Better Us (01/30/2013):

Matt is honored to have author/poet/survivor Tavarius “TJ” Thompson in the steamer to talk about his life and his new book “TOLD.” A fascinating episode with a future leader of America. Please listen to TJ’s words, vision and power.  We can all learn from this fine young man. Seriously – tell everyone you know about this episode, TJ’s message and voice need to be heard.

Podcast No. 61- Jason Good is Funny (01/25/2013):

Writer, blogger and comedian, Jason Good, calls in to the steamer to talk kids, comedy and groupies – or lack their of. If you are a an of his blog www.jasongood.net (Jason Good 365) this is a must listen. Enjoy.

Podcast No. 60- Party with a Sephardi (01/17/2013):

Matt’s favorite financial contributor is in the house. Roben Farzad joins the boys to discuss international affairs, finance and his unique past. Matt doesn’t sound as dumb as you think and Roben drops some SERIOUS knowledge on our butts. AWESOME EPISODE. Listen. Now.

Podcast No. 59- 1 Out of 100 (01/11/2013):

Matt & Cabell kick off the new year with their take on resolutions and that Sunday night feeling.

Podcast No. 58- Wrap It Up (12/28/2012):

Matt & Cabell recap their holidays and Matt shares some holiday organization tips for the end of the year. There might be some good stories as well.

Podcast No. 57- Ronnie Pooh (12/20/2012):

Back by popular demand, Ronnie joins the boy in studio. The boys share their favorite holiday stories and Ronnie reflects on the holidays with family after celebrating by himself in prison for the last 20 years.

Podcast No. 56- Rollin’ With My Homies (12/13/2012):

Matt and Cabell are joined by one of their favorite people – BS. No bull, this may be one of our best episodes of the year. Sit back, relax and get your mind blown. This one gets deep.

Podcast No. 55- Hair Like Jesus (12/06/2012):

Mr & Mrs Coolhand are in the studio to talk about triathlons and what motivates Cabell. Cabell steps in and leads the show. If you think Matt talks too much, this will be your favorite episode.

Podcast No. 54- 2nd Annual Thanksgiving Meal (11/21/2012):

Matt & Cabell sit down for their annual Hoarders themed Thanksgiving Meal. this is not meant to be funny – just gross. I think we succeeded. Enjoy. Have a great holiday weekend.

Podcast No. 53 – Big Fish (11/15/2012):

We couldn’t wait anymore. The boys are still sick, but ready to talk potty training, Cory Chalmers and 4 person naked bicycling. WE ARE BACK.

Podcast No. 52 – 52 Weeks of Awesome (10/25/2012):

Matt & Cabell celebrate 1 year of 5DA, relive a few guests and answer listener questions. Are you ready for another year of awesome (and immature humor)?

Podcast No. 51 – A Year Wasted? (10/19/2012):

Matt tells Cabell about how he almost got his *ss kicked on the latest episode of HOARDERS. They also discuss their other fears and discuss going another year with 5DA.

Podcast No. 50 – Pfeffernator (10/11/2012):

Matt is on the road and is joined by THE Pfeffernator and his friend David to talk about the liquid poop hoarder and the future of mental health. Check it out yo.

Podcast No. 49 – Good Coop Bad Coop (10/04/2012):

Matt & Cabell are back in the steamer talking kids, NYC and Cabell’s new golfing buddy.

Podcast No. 48 – My Junk (09/26/2012):

Matt is back on the road hanging out with some of his friends from the hoard.

Podcast No. 47 – Good (09/20/2012):

Coolhand and Spotty sit down with an old friend to hear the most fascinating story ever heard on 5 Decisions Away. Stick around to the end of this one.

Podcast No. 46 – No Sweat (09/14/2012):

Cabell and Matt are catching up and talking about the new season of HOARDERS.  Matt goes into detail about spending the night in his first hoarded house.

Podcast No. 45 – The C Word (09/07/2012):

Matt visits with one of his favorite non-hoarding clients. They talk about life, love, family and teaching your spouse to do the cleaning. Good times.

Podcast No. 44 – Coast is Clear (08/31/2012):

Cabell and Matt wrap up the end of summer and get ready for the fall.  HOARDERS is back on next week and the boys talk about some of their most recent hoards.

Podcast No. 43 – The Routine (08/24/2012):

Matt is on vacation and sits down with his family to tell stories of their times growing up. One of the cleaner episodes of 5DA that can be enjoyed by all. Matt will be back next week with Cabell in the steamer.

Podcast No. 42 – Going Skiing (08/16/2012):

Cabell & Matt are back together after a long month. The boys are in the steamer to say good bye to Ally the Intern and catch up on the last month.

Podcast No. 41 – Wrestling Chickens (08/12/2012):

Paxton is on the road taping HOARDERS. This week he checks in with a good friend and they talk being homeless, reality TV and get drunk enough to race each other in the parking lot.

Podcast No. 40 – The Real Deal (07/31/2012):

Dr. Melva Green joins Matt on the road to talk spirituality and taking chances. There is also a good possibility, that these 2 will talk HOARDERS. Long, but fascinating. Thanks to Dr. Green for her time and brutal honesty.

Podcast No. 39 – Same As Me (07/19/2012):

Matt and Cabell talk HOARDERS and dish on some new additions to Season 6. The boys are back.

Podcast No. 38 – Just Finish (07/12/2012):

The boys are in the steamer talking hoards and answering viewer questions. Cabell drops some serious triathlon knowledge.

Podcast No. 37 – ReCharge (07/06/2012):

Cabell joins Matt in the steamer to talk about how he got through one of the most difficult weeks of his life. oh yeah…and it’s 4th of July too.

Podcast No. 36 – Dog Hair (06/28/2012):

The boys are back in the Steamer catching up on their kids, what they found on the hoard this week and the difference between confidence and cockiness.

Podcast No. 35 – Word (06/21/2012):

Matt is in Seattle for a week and gets to sit down with his favorite blogger/author, Jennifer Worick. They talk PT Cruisers, Steam Punk, writing and other things they want to punch in the face.  @ClutterCleaner

Podcast No. 34 – The Other Bucket (06/13/2012):

Matt & Cabell are in the steamer talking about back up dancers, super fans, drunk texting and who failed the Paxton Challenge.  @ClutterCleaner

Podcast No. 33 – Making Donuts (06/06/2012):

Matt is back in the Steamer with Cabell and Ally the intern. They talk about Matt’s 15 year college reunion and Cabell highlights some interesting finds from this week’s hoard. In the second half we answer listener questions and praise our good friend, Fast Eddie.

Podcast No. 32 – First Time Solo (06/01/2012):

Cabell is on his own in the Steamer while Matt is away. For all those people that thing Matt talks too much, this is the episode for you.

Podcast No. 31 – Stepping Stones (05/23/2012):

Cabell and Matt are in the steamer talking music. They select a few of their favorite songs and discuss how the bands and the words motivate them to keep going. Note, if you like The Avett Brothers, this is probably a good podcast for you.

Podcast No. 30 – No Band Yet (05/17/2012):

Matt & Cabell are back in the steamer and get caught up on the last few weeks. They answer viewer questions and celebrate the dumbest joke they’ve ever heard. The boys are back and better than ever.

Podcast No. 29 – Your Momma (05/10/2012):

Matt’s mother visits the steamer for the very special Mother’s Day Episode. They discuss listener questions and talk about what Matt was really like as a child. Cabell is back in the studio next week.

Podcast No. 28 – Waiting On A Train (05/3/2012):

Matt remembers his grandfather and makes a few decisions. Cabell and Matt are testing a shorter format to see how the listeners like it.

Podcast No. 27 – The Sure Thing (04/25/2012):

Cabell & Matt are in the Steamer talking all things hoarding. The boys answer listener questions this week and try to encourage some of their favorite fans. The boys need your help choosing their last stop on the upcoming cross country tour, listen to find out how you can pick their last stop.

Podcast No. 26 – Don’t Squeeze Me (04/20/2012):

Cabell and Matt are back in the steamer. They recap the week and get caught up on Matt’s new job as a teacher at the National Institute of Decontamination Specialists (NIDS). WARNING, the 2nd half of this episode is GRAPHIC, explicit and intense. Real conversation with people that clean up crime scenes.  This is not for anyone under the age of 18. It’s interesting, informative, graphic and intense. Make sure you want to listen to it. That being said, I think it’s one of our best podcasts yet.

Podcast No. 25 – Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid (04/11/2012):

Cabell talks to Matt about his surgery, nurses and a new hoarding cleanup technique. The boys are updated by your favorite Clutter Cleaner employees, Ronnie and Page. Page announces his plans for life after the hoard and Ronnie talks about how he’s adjusting to life outside of prison.

Podcast No. 24 – Goodbye Mountain (04/05/2012):

Matt hits the road while Cabell has surgery. Matt sits down with a bunch of the Hoarders crew and learns why they are the toughest crew in television. The crew shares stories about their favorite and least favorite hoards and make fun of Matt. This is a must listen for fans of HOARDERS.

Podcast No. 23 – That’s What She Said (03/29/2012):

In the first half of the show, Matt and Cabell kick back and remember a few bad dates. In the second half of the show, Cabell’s mother-in-law and wife visit and share a really cool story. Hang on until the end to learn how to say “That’s What She Said” in German.

Podcast No. 22 – Milk Cocktail with The Sklar Brothers (03/22/2012):

Cabell and Matt talk about the worst smell EVER and recount Matt’s trip to LA. In Part 2, Matt hangs out with The Sklar Brothers and learn what it takes to be the #4 twin comedy act in television. Hands down the 2 funniest men ever to appear on 5 Decisions Away. Thank you Sklar Brothers. Once again, we’ve managed to offend, inform and inspire in under 1.5 hours.

Podcast No. 21 – Host Boy (03/15/2012):

In the first half of the show, Cabell and Matt get caught up on the week and “the incident.” In the second half of the show, Matt travels to Califorinia and meets up with his HOARDERS partner in crime, Cory Chalmers. Matt and Cory talk all things hoarding and tell each other how awesome the other one is.

Podcast No. 20 – Kicked In The (03/08/2012):

Matt and Cabell are back in the studio after a long week at work. The boys talk about their latest jobs and get updates on a few friends. A 5DecisionsAway super fan stops in and the guys answer viewer questions in the second half. A full episode that will not disappoint.

Podcast No. 19 – Mrs. Extreme Cleaning Specialist (03/01/2012):

Matt sits down with his wife, Sarah, and talks about the what it’s like to be the lady behind the man on top of the diapers. They discuss how they met and answer viewer questions. Matt’s nagging wife talks alot and doesn’t really let Matt say much of anything. Cabell is back in the studio next week.

Podcast No. 18 – Hanging With My Boy (02/25/2012):

Cabell and Matt are in the NEW Clutter Cleaner podcast studio. The boys talk about the circus, the first snow and Matt’s run in with an old flame. As always, the boys answer viewer questions during the second half of the show.

Podcast No. 17 – Immaculate Infection (02/15/2012):

One of the boys favorite clients stops by to talk about living and surviving as a recovering hoarder. If you’ve read Matt’s book, The Secret Lives of Hoarders, than you know Jackson. His brutally honest conversation paints an amazing picture of what it’s like to be a hoarder. As always, there are some laughs, but this one is more fascinating than funny.

Podcast No. 16 – Back to School (02/8/2012):

Matt & Cabell are back in the warehouse recapping the last few weeks on the road. Matt discusses being invited back to University of Mary Washington and the boys answers lots of viewer questions. Matt relives his worst injuries on the hoard.

Podcast No. 15 – Peeling the Onion (02/1/2012):

Matt continues his streak as the luckiest trashman in show business. He visits THE ONION and talks with Joe Garden, Anita Serwacki, Nick Gallo & John Harris. He learns what it takes to write for www.TheOnion.com and that ducks are very aggressive. If you like smart comedy, than don’t listen to this podcast, if you want to laugh a little and pee your pants a lot, than download immediately.

Podcast No. 14 – Down, but not out (01/25/2012):

Matt & Cabell are joined by their friend Greg and he talks about losing his job and starting over. If you are down and out or just need a little motivation, this is the episode for you. Part 2 discusses viewer questions and we talk about the 2 worst houses the boys have ever seen – HOARDERS episodes Mary & Carrie.

Podcast No. 13 – Drinking Stories with Steve McKenna (01/18/2012):

Matt and Cabell sit down with the hardest drinking man in show biz. Steve McKenna stops in to swap drinking stories and talk about what it’s like to be a professional drinker. Matt and Cabell answer viewer questions and say goodbye to Ally the Intern. As always, we manage to offend, inform and inspire in less than 90 minutes. Please tell your friends. Thanks for listening.

Podcast No. 12 – Kingfish with Tom Segura (01/11/2012):

Matt & Cabell hit the road to meet up with comedian, Tom Segura. The boys talk standup comedy, HOARDERS and the worst hotel in Oakland. In part 2, Cabell & Matt complain about their amazing wives and answer viewer questions.

Podcast No. 11 – The Guy That Kissed Belly Buttons (01/04/2012):

Matt is joined by Curtiss the Cameraman and Eric The Soundguy to discuss a failed prank, how to film in a hoard and what it’s like to be a child actor. Curtiss earns his star on the 5 Decisions Walk of Fame and the boys find out how Matt is related to El Guapo from The Three Amigos. Stick around for the deleted scene at the end.

Podcast No. 10 – Brazilian Swim Team (12/29/2011):

Matt, Cabell & Ally the intern recap the holidays, a recent trip to Walmart and they issue an incredibly corny New Years challenge. The boys each remember a lost relative and discuss how Matt ended up with gum on his jeans. As always, keeping it classy.

Podcast No. 9 – Traditional Holidays (12/22/2011):

Matt, Cabell and Ally the intern share their favorite holiday memories. The boys break down the newest theme song contest submission and Matt and Ally the intern compare tattoos. Never boring, this episode of 5 Decisions Away will keep you entertained over the river and through the woods.

Podcast No. 8 – That’s Who I Am (12/14/2011):

Matt & Cabell discuss what it’s going to take to become the #1 podcast in the country, appropriate words and Matt’s least favorite night in Las Vegas. Part 2 includes hoarder updates and even more viewer questions. www.5DecisionsAway.com.

Podcast No. 7 – The Boys are Back in Town (12/7/2011):

Matt Paxton and the Clutter Cleaner team are back from a week on the road. They talk about their jobs, the things they find and Ronnie’s newest quest. In the second half, Cabell & Matt answer a listeners questions about hoarding. Matt tries a new format this week which enables more time to help the listners and slightly less cursing. www.5DecisionsAway.com

Podcast No. 6 – Matt’s First Time (11/30/2011):

Matt gets to hang with an old friend and Hoarders Producer, Bert Klasey. They both tell differing accounts of his first epsiode and highlight characters that never made it on the show. Matt talks about many of his failed business ventures and tries to pull off one of the worlds greatest pranks. Gross, funny & oddly motivational, this one is well worth the extra 30 minutes. Cabell and the boys will be back next week.

Podcast No. 5 – Thanks for Nothing – Thanksgiving (11/23/2011):

Matt & Cabell answer listner questions about hoarding, holidays and family.  The boys plan out a thanksgiving meal from food they’ve found in the hoarded homes that they clean. Happy Thanksgiving everyone from Matt, Cabell & the Clutter Cleaner crew. www.5Decisionsaway.com.

Podcast No. 4 – Second Chances (11/17/2011):

Matt & Cabell sit down with their newest employee who is fresh out of the can. The boys learn about how to get by in solitary, why we all deserve a 2nd chance and if hoarding can be compared to being in prison. Although the most interesting parts of the interview had to be deleted for safety concerns, it’s a fascinating hour. Stick around until the end, it’s worth it.

Podcast No. 3 – Keeping it Real (11/10/2011):

Matt sits down with reality television blogger, Andy Dehnart, from RealityBlurred.com to talk shop, entertainment, reality television and ofcourse life. It’s a much more interesting podcast than we thought it would be.

Podcast No. 2 – Animal Hoarding & Other Funny Topics (11/3/2011):

Matt and Cabell sit down with the experts from HOARDERS to discuss animal hoarding, fighting roosters and cat ladies. Never a dull moment at 5 Decisions Away, this one is intense as it is funny. Be prepared to laugh at the 14 year old boy jokes, but be ready for some seriously graphic moments. Matt carefully tackles the very un-funny topic of Animal Hoarding.

Podcast No. 1 – Questions we get asked at the bar (10/25/2011):

The introductory episode of 5 Decisions Away, Matt talks with his co-worker, Cabell Hatchett, about how he got started, cleaning up hoarded homes & what motivates him to work. They cover it all from the coolest thing to the grossest things they’ve ever found on the hoard.


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Mohr Stories

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